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The purpose of this blog is to launch a wide, cross-disciplinary discussion about collaboration in science and humanities. About ideal and normative forms of collaboration (hence our title) but also about collaboration as it is, in the various teams you have encountered (or worked with).

The idea of this blog originated in a series of discussions about how to do research, how to evaluate scientific research, how to distinguish (or not) between research in humanities and in sciences, how to collaborate (or not), how to build up teams of researchers (or not), whether team-research is conducive to novel ideas or whether it just increases the tendency to intellectual fraud? So many pressing questions in a world where research is grant-oriented, sub- financed and sometimes plainly frustrating….  All this begun in Romanian context. But they are clearly more general questions, and they are questions concerning us all.

This blog began itself as a collaboration between two people coming from two very different professions. Dana Jalobeanu is doing history and philosophy of science, with a focus on the origins of modern science in the seventeenth century. Lucian Ancu is doing high-tech experimental physics in one of the top experimental facilities of Europe.

We are looking for contributors coming from different disciplines and willing to share their personal experiences and their thoughts. We believe that it is increasingly important to discuss comparatively and critically the various forms of collaborative enterprises (those currently in use, those which have already gone out of fashion, those who will become important tomorrow….).

If you wish to contribute with a paper to this discussion please contact us using the form below.

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